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Traveling has been a great passion of mine and my biggest prioritization for as long as I was allowed to make adult decisions and in general, be in control of my own life. Little did I know when I first started traveling, that there are several scientifically proven advantages of traveling too. 

You see, traveling is more than just fun and spending your savings.

Sometimes I think about traveling as a natural instinct of us being humans. Do you ever think about how we used to be nomads? Walking and moving around. Settling down in beneficial places and exploring the unknown. Wanting to learn and discover is an instinct to us and something not to be taken for granted either. Once we stop being curious about the world that we live in, we simply stop living at all. 

… and this makes us bored, unhappy, and stagnant. Numbing our brains with useless TV, social media, and other types of entertainment just to do and feel something

If you need any more convincing on why you should travel more, keep reading below. 




This just proves my point above and is a wonderful fact, but one of the greatest advantages of traveling is that it’s proven to improve your health. Not just physical either, but also both mental and emotional. If you don’t believe me, have a read of this article about the proven health benefits of traveling.

Think about it…

Physically you will probably move around a lot more when traveling than when you sit at home on your couch in September, which is already lowering the chance of you getting heart disease. Whether it is going for a hike, exploring around a new city, or floating around in a swimming pool – you are using your body and that is good for you. Period. 

Mentally you are stimulating your brain with new inputs. Remember what I wrote above about us numbing our brains because of boredom? Well here we have a solution and experiencing new things is a very healthy type of entertainment. 

Your emotional health is bound to be impacted by the things above. Moving around produces endorphins and your mental health goes hand in hand with your emotional one. 


advantages of traveling

Staying at one place your entire life and never moving around is like being handed a very informative and interesting book, and then only reading the first page…

This page is the place where you were born, where your parents decided for you to grow up, and where your daily life ended up taking place. 

You have your experiences, your social group, and later your job in this place. While this is great and can mean stability, security, and happiness, it also means that you have stayed in the same bobble your entire life. 

Sadly, this is also the full narrative of many people who never step out of their comfort zone. How can you know what the grass looks like on the other side if you never read past that first page of the book? What if the best story is actually on page 73?

When you travel, whether it’s domestic or international travel, you extend your overall understanding of the world around you and this is healthy. You visit new places, get new experiences, and encounter new cultures. Finally, traveling can also make you love and appreciate your own home even more. 

So go out and explore. Book a vacation to a new place more different from home. You will survive having noodles for breakfast and driving on the other side of the road. The places that differ from home might surprise you in a very positive way. As long as you travel wisely, safely, and have good international travel insurance, you will have the time of your life.

If you are a student take advantage of the exchange student and Erasmus programs! This is the easiest and cheapest way to live in another country for a while. As an exchange student, you have the opportunity to have an everyday life in a different country. With a daily routine and a social network without you even having to work significantly hard for it. 


When traveling broadens your view and sets your life in perspective, another advantage is that travel makes you smarter. 

Whether you are traveling solo or in a group, you will naturally understand the world better. When you have seen more, you know more and therefore you now know more about how everything works. This includes socially, politically, financially, culturally, linguistically, climatically and I could go on and on…

Basically, anything that you don’t usually see, hear, talk about or experience at home, is new information that your brain will process.

Besides making you smarter in general, it will also make you internally smarter. By this, I mean that you will better understand yourself. Knowing what you like, don’t like, and how you react in situations is knowing your personality. And who should know you better than yourself?


light bulb, idea, lit

In terms of the great advantages of traveling, another one is that it will make you more creative. When you see new things it will inspire you and make you look at things differently. 

In your country, a bus might be red and in mine, they are all yellow. It’s as simple as your brain not only associating busses with the color red anymore. 

And this applies to everything new that you see while you are traveling. Your brain will extend its sense of imagination and sense of creativity. 

By this, you will think more out of the box and outside the norms of your usual surroundings. Maybe there was another smarter and better solution to a problem, that you picked up from one of your trips abroad. 


Besides meeting new people and making new friends being a benefit of traveling in itself, traveling helps improve your social and communicational skills in general. 

This happens naturally from interacting with new people. We are all different and broadening your view on the world, also involves the understanding of people. 

When you can’t communicate in the same language for instance you have to seek new methods. Now you start using your body language and have to pay way more attention to the person in front of you. Are they receiving your message correctly? Do they understand you and are they giving you the right directions? Did I offend the person or are they still smiling?

All this will make you understand the way humans interact better, making it both easier and more natural for you in the future. 


A taxi driver once took me to the wrong place which meant that I missed my ferry. This ferry turned out to be the last one of the ENTIRE weekend. The worst part? Oh just that it was also the last day of my visa and I was facing a border security guard. 

“Ok, so what next?” – I had to ask myself. Even though I can’t remember exactly what my solution was, I know that I did not starve or sleep on the street. 

New situations occur all the time and while traveling is fun and everything, it is also going to challenge you at times. 

After being in transit for hours, starving for the full time, and on top of that dealing with intense heat, your body goes into survival mode. Now you will be amazed at how many incredible solutions you can come up with, just to feel a little more comfortable. 

When you are constantly being faced with new challenges, you also constantly have to come up with solutions. Once this has happened over and over again, you also start to realize just how much you are capable of solving. This will make you more confident, less scared and let you solve even more problems – and so the circle of beautiful problem-solving continues. 


This is the final but possibly also the greatest of the advantages of traveling, that I will cover. 

Traveling means life experience and memories for life. It will enrich you as a person and the people you shared beautiful moments with. 

Whether big or small, good or bad, long-distance or short, your trip will have an impact on you in some way. Sometimes the impact might be so small and insignificant that you don’t even think about or notice it. 

Over time, however, all these experiences and the advantages of traveling will work their magic and shape you as a human being. 

In addition, when you travel you experience more in a compact period of time than you do for years while staying at home.

I believe, that when I am old and reflecting on my life, it will not be the TV shows I watched over the years that made an impact on my life. It will be the places, the smells, the people, and the experiences along the way that will stand out as something truly significant. 

That was some of the best advantages of traveling – let 2021 be a year of many more amazing trips to come. 

Thank you for reading. As always feel free to comment below.




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  1. Felipe Casimiro

    Hi Josephine! You really touch me with this post. I found amazing the way we grow while traveling. It’s interesting to let the experiences do the work and as you said facing unexpected obstacles and get over them is one of the best ways to improve in all the areas. I have this thought that traveling is as important as university because give us the chance to accumulate the double amount of experiences in a normal period of time.

    Hope you keep traveling so you can tell us more about this great world we live in.


    1. Hi Felipe! I am very happy you got something out of it and I couldn’t agree more 🙂
      I feel like I’ve learned and experienced more when traveling than in school, not only about myself but also how the world we live in functions.

      All the best – Josephine

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