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Oktoberfest on a Budget I Best Ways to Save Money on Transport

Oktoberfest on a Budget I Best Ways to Save Money on Transport

If you want money left to spend on beer, you’ll need to find a way to get to Oktoberfest on a budget.

Luckily, if you’re already in Europe, there are plenty of cheap ways to get to Oktoberfest.

If you’re coming from another continent, don’t worry; you can still score a cheap flight. Once you arrive, you just need to find the perfect beer tent to celebrate your Oktoberfest experience.

In this guide, we’ll cover some great budgeting tips for getting to and enjoying Oktoberfest.

Let’s get into it!

Key Takeaways: 

  • Use Munich’s Public Transportation, which is the most affordable option. You can even purchase all-day or group passes to secure money on multiple trips.
  • Consider alternative transportation options. Uber and taxis are available but can be expensive. Opt for budget-friendly buses such as Flixbus and Eurolines for long-distance travel within Europe.
  • Book early to secure the best deals on flights. Planning is essential for international travelers to find affordable rates and make the most of the festival.

Get to Oktoberfest Grounds by Local Transportation!

Most nearby accommodations are quite expensive when traveling to the Oktoberfest grounds at Theresienwiese. Therefore, you may need to find your own way there. Your options for local transportation include:

  1. Public transit (recommended)
  2. Uber
  3. Taxi

Using Public Transportation On A Budget!

Oktoberfest on a budget

Munich’s public transit is the most affordable transport option. The rapid rail system, tramways, and buses run frequently and on time during Oktoberfest. In fact, they run even more during the busy Oktoberfest period!

It’s a convenient and easy option, and it is strongly recommended as a cost-effective means of transportation to get around Munich during Oktoberfest.

If you choose to take the trains in Munich, there are some money-saving tips to be aware of regarding which type of ticket is best to buy.

Buy a ticket, get on, and validate it: Ticket inspectors occasionally check for valid tickets on Munich’s public transport to prevent fare evasion. It is advisable not to risk facing a substantial fine if caught without a ticket.

Single Tickets: The price of a single ticket for traveling within one zone in Munich is €3.90 as of 2024. Therefore, traveling to Oktoberfest and back would cost €7.80 if your accommodation is located within the Inner District. Purchasing single tickets is a sensible option if you’re only going to and from Oktoberfest and nowhere else.

But most visitors during Munich’s Oktoberfest make side trips to Munich’s city center, the English Garden, a bierhall, or elsewhere throughout this fantastic city. All those single trips could easily add up to €15-€20+ per person per day, potentially costing a couple nearly €100 during a 3-day trip to Munich.

Visitors have the option to buy discounted all-day passes, group passes for up to 5 people, and multi-day tourist cards that are valid for all of Munich’s public transportation systems (U-Bahn, S-Bahn, trams, and buses), along with discounts on local attractions.

Where to Buy Tickets?

You can easily purchase each of these tickets at the ticket kiosks usually located at each station.

Depending on your group size (multiple people or solo) and the number of days you are using Munich’s transport, there are dozens of different tickets and passes that you can consider!

Research which ticket to buy in advance. 

Estimated Ticket Prices- Affordable Fun For All, Guaranteed! 

The approximate prices for transportation tickets in Munich during the upcoming Oktoberfest in 2024 are:

  • Single-day ticket – €7.20 each day within Munich (Zone M, 1-2 zones)
  • Group day ticket – €14.80 each day within Munich (Zone M, 1-2 zones)

The group day ticket covers up to five people, which means that when the cost is split among all five people, each person pays just €3.56 for unlimited transit per day. Even for two people, the cost per person drops to €8.90.

So, unless you’re traveling alone, a group ticket is definitely the most cost-effective option.

The above prices are specifically for the Inner District (Zone M). If you plan to stay outside the central area of Munich, you’ll want to get a ticket that covers the additional zones.

So, to make the most of your time and budget, aim for accommodation within the Inner District when looking for affordable places to stay in Munich during Oktoberfest.

Choose Uber For A Budget-Friendly Oktoberfest! 

Ride with Uber to Oktoberfest and save euros to buy lederhosen and dirndls. While public transport is the most economical option, Uber could provide a comfortable and flexible travel alternative.

In Munich, an 11-kilometer Uber ride is estimated to cost around €25 for a 20-minute trip without traffic. Though not the cheapest option, Uber offers a reliable and efficient way to navigate the city during this festive season.

Caution: As you approach the Oktoberfest grounds in Munich, expect heavy road traffic, leading to increased travel costs and longer ride wait times. Additionally, Uber applies surge pricing during popular events like Oktoberfest, resulting in higher fares due to heightened demand. While you can obtain fare estimates from Uber’s Munich site, these estimates will not factor in surge pricing.

Plan B: Grab A Taxi

If you can’t find an uber, another option is to go by taxi.

However, opting for a taxi in Munich is not the most economical way to travel to Oktoberfest. It should be a last resort.

Typically, you can expect to pay almost double the amount for a taxi compared to an Uber ride during non-surge-pricing periods.

If, for any reason, you are unable to use public transit and Uber’s surge pricing is significant (2x or more), then the standard rates for a taxi will likely be more affordable. Sample fares according to distances are: 

  • 5 kilometers: €17.20
  • 10 kilometers: €28.70
  • 50 kilometers: €120.70

Another Cheapest Way- A Bus Travel To Oktoberfest! 

You can conveniently travel to Munich for Oktoberfest from almost anywhere in Europe by taking a cost-effective coach.

Bus tickets to Munich from various European destinations are available for as little as €15-€50 each way. We strongly believe the bus network connecting Europe is an excellent way to explore the continent.

While there are smaller regional bus lines available, the primary bus options for reaching Munich in 2024 include:

  • Flixbus
  • Eurolines
  • BlaBlaCar Bus

To ensure your spot for Oktoberfest, we advise booking your bus reservations to Munich as early as possible, as demand for tickets is likely to be high.

If you’re concerned about your authentic lederhosen or dirndl getting lost or damaged on the bus, rest assured that bus travel is completely safe and worry-free for you.

How About Train Travel?

Train travel to Munich can be expensive, but reasonable regional rail rates are available from nearby Austria and within Germany. 

First time visitors to Oktoberfest festival

If you are coming from further away, consider using a bus for more budget-friendly options. The Bahn website is an excellent resource for finding timetables when considering train travel. If your routes are more complicated, the Munich page on the Man in Seat 61 is valuable. 

Also, rome2rio can provide estimates and ideas for travel by plane, train, and automobile.

Book Cheap Flights Earlier For Oktoberfest! 

Booking well in advance might allow you to secure a seat on a budget airline to Munich for less than €100 each way. If you start searching early, you could even find tickets for less than €100 from Paris and other German cities to Munich.

A few other European destinations also offer tickets for less than €200 each way. However, you will only find these low fares to Oktoberfest if you search very early.

Realistically, you can expect to pay at least €400 for a roundtrip to Munich during Oktoberfest.

Cheapest Flight Routes From the US To Munich! 

Although you can keep your expenses at Oktoberfest reasonably low, the cost of flights to and from the event can really stretch your budget.

Flights will likely be the most significant expense to your entire Oktoberfest budget. Flights from the US to Munich can be costly, particularly during Oktoberfest.

When searching for a roundtrip ticket from anywhere in the US to Munich during Oktoberfest, you may find prices well above $2,000 – something to consider!


That’s it for this list of tips for getting to Oktoberfest on a budget.

If you pay a little attention and plan ahead you’ll be able to save a lot of money on your festival experience and still have a great time!

If this is your first time going, read this guide on Oktoberfest for first-time visitors.

Happy festival!


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