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Best Events in Copenhagen | An Unmissable & Local Guide

Cooking & Food Event in Copenhagen

Are you heading to Denmark and looking for the best events in Copenhagen?

You’re in luck because this city, my home for over a decade, is a buzzing cultural hub that offers an array of events year-round.

From the rhythm of music festivals to the creativity of film screenings, and the rich diversity of cultural celebrations, Copenhagen’s event scene is a vibrant mix catering to all interests.

As a local, I’ve witnessed the city’s transformation through seasons and holidays over the years, giving me unique insights into some of the most memorable experiences.

Let’s jump right into it, so you can experience the best of Copenhagen!

Event Year Calendar for Copenhagen

Below I made a calendar so you can get a quick overview of the events happening in Copenhagen during the months of the year:

JanuaryStrøm FestivalJulyCopenhagen Summer Dance,
Stella Polaris,
Copenhagen Jazz Festival,
Fredagsrock in Tivoli
FebruaryCopenhagen Pride Week,
Copenhagen Light Festival
AugustStella Polaris,
Fredagsrock in Tivoli,
Copenhagen Pride Week,
The Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival
The Culture Night
SeptemberFredagsrock in Tivoli,
Golden Days Festival
>AprilFredagsrock in Tivoli,
OctoberMIX CPH LGBTQ+ Film Festival
MayCopenhagen Stage,
Fredagsrock in Tivoli,
Copenhagen Art Week
NovemberMIX CPH LGBTQ+ Film Festival,
Christmas Markets
JuneCopenhagen Stage,
Copenhagen Short Film Festival,
Copenhagen Summer Dance,
Distortion Street Festival,
Fredagsrock in Tivoli,
Copenhagen Art Week,
Copenhagen Design Festival,
Sankt Hans
DecemberChristmas Markets,
New Years Eve

What Are the Best Events in Copenhagen?

Denmark is known for festivities and Copenhagen has many events and festivals all year round. Depending on what you are into, you’ll be able to find something that suits your interests!

Let’s delve into the best events and festivals for film, performing arts, music, culture, food, and more!

Film and Performing Arts Festivals


CPH:DOX, Copenhagen’s famous international documentary film festival, places visitors at the center of groundbreaking cinematic experiences.

The festival showcases an expansive range of films and documentaries from around the globe, complemented by key seminars and notable debates that engage and challenge audiences.

Its uniqueness lies in its ability to merge art, activism, and research, making it a must-visit for anyone passionate about documentary filmmaking and contemporary issues.

Whether you’re a cinephile, an activist, or simply curious, CPH:DOX offers a unique lens on the world’s stories.

Time of the year: March

Copenhagen Stage

Copenhagen Stage focuses on illuminating the city with innovative theater and performance art, putting a spotlight on shows that push the boundaries of storytelling.

This festival is a beacon for those seeking to explore avant-garde and experimental performances.

Beyond the captivating shows, Copenhagen Stage offers invaluable networking opportunities and workshops, making it a pivotal spot for artists and enthusiasts alike to connect, learn, and grow within the dynamic world of theater.

Time of the year: May/June

Copenhagen Short Film Festival

The Copenhagen Short Film Festival‘s mission is to celebrate the art of short filmmaking, showcasing a wide array of genres that promise to captivate and inspire audiences.

From gripping dramas to laugh-out-loud comedies and experimental pieces, this festival checks all the boxes for film enthusiasts eager to explore diverse cinematic expressions.

Additionally, filmmaker Q&A sessions offer a behind-the-scenes look, allowing attendees to engage directly with the creative minds behind the films, making it a must-check event for anyone passionate about the craft of filmmaking.

Time of the year: June

Copenhagen Summer Dance

Copenhagen Summer Dance, hosted by the Danish Dance Theatre, offers a refreshing version of contemporary dance under the open sky.

This unique event takes place in some of the city’s most picturesque outdoor settings, providing a mesmerizing backdrop to the performances.

What makes this event stand out is not just the world-class dance but also the special workshops and meet-the-artist events that allow attendees to connect with the performers on a personal level.

It’s a must-visit for those looking to experience the vibrant dance culture of Copenhagen before the summer’s last curtain call.

Time of the year: June/Juni

MIX CPH LGBTQ+ Film Festival

MIX CPH LGBTQ+ Film Festival stands out as one of the top events in the city, featuring films that celebrate, explore, and advocate for the LGBTQ+ community.

With a rich history that has significantly impacted visibility and dialogue within the community, this festival is a pivotal space for storytelling and connection.

Attendees can look forward to a curated selection of must-watch films and engaging panel discussions that delve deep into relevant topics, making it an essential event for anyone passionate about LGBTQ+ cinema and rights.

Time of the year: October/November

Music Festivals and Concerts

Distortion Street Festival

Distortion Street Festival is one of Copenhagen’s most anticipated events, taking place in June.

This date presents the city’s transformation into a massive street party, presenting an electrifying atmosphere with key performers from the electronic and urban music scenes.

events in Copenhagen
Photo credit to cphdistortion

To fully enjoy the festival, arrive early to find the best viewing spots and navigate the crowds smoothly. Embrace the vibrant energy, where each corner offers a new sound and experience, making Distortion a must-visit for music lovers.

Time of the year: June

Strøm Festival

The latest edition of Strøm Festival invites you to come and immerse yourself in Copenhagen’s thriving electronic music scene.

Known for its innovative approach, Strøm hosts parties in some of the city’s most unique venues, from underground bunkers to public parks, turning the entire city into a pulsating dance floor.

This festival is a testament to the diversity and creativity of electronic music, offering a mix of live concerts, DJ sets, and workshops that cater to all electronic music enthusiasts.

Time of the year: January

Stella Polaris

Stella Polaris is a time-honored event where families gather under the open sky, creating a picnic setting in the beautiful Frederiksberg Have.

This ticket-free festival offers a perfect day out for those looking to enjoy laid-back electronic beats while lounging on blankets with loved ones in one of Copenhagen’s best parks.

It’s a family-friendly affair that celebrates music, togetherness, and the joy of outdoor leisure, making it a must-attend for visitors and locals alike seeking a serene escape.

Time of the year: July/August


CopenHell, set on the raw grounds of Amager, is a tribute to the heavy metal genre, drawing fans from all corners of the globe.

This festival is more than just concerts; it’s a deep dive into heavy metal culture. It offers attendees a chance to experience thunderous performances, meet fellow metal enthusiasts, and engage in an atmosphere filled with the spirit of rock.

For fans of the genre, CopenHell is an unforgettable gathering that celebrates the power and intensity of metal music in a way that resonates with the soul.

Time of the year: June

Copenhagen Jazz Festival

The Copenhagen Jazz Festival features an eclectic mix of international stars and local talent, transforming various sites across the city into vibrant stages of rhythmic bliss.

Copehagen jazz festival
Photo credit to cphjazz

This event, celebrated after the sun sets and throughout the day, showcases the rich diversity of the jazz genre, from classic to modern interpretations.

It’s a perfect blend of sounds that invites jazz enthusiasts of all tastes to explore new acts. It allows visitors to revel in the performances of established artists, enriching Copenhagen’s cultural tapestry with each note.

Time of the year: July

Fredagsrock in Tivoli

Every Friday, Tivoli Gardens transforms into a live concert venue, hosting the ‘Fredagsrock‘ series.

This event is a part of the historic amusement park’s summer festivities, blending thrilling rides with captivating live music.

Fredagsrock i Tivoli
Photo credit to fredagsrock

Set against the backdrop of enchanting gardens and whimsical lights, ‘Fredagsrock’ is curated by music aficionados. It showcases a mix of famous international artists and rising stars.

It’s a unique experience where the magic of Tivoli meets the energy of live concerts. It is a must-visit on summer evenings.

Time of the year: April – September

Cultural and Thematic Events

Golden Days Festival

The Golden Days Festival is one of the standout events in Copenhagen. It delves into historical themes through interactive exhibitions, talks, and more.

It offers a unique journey back in time, inviting participants to explore significant eras of history with engaging, hands-on experiences.

Time of the year: September

The Culture Night

During The Culture Night, the center of Copenhagen, Denmark, comes alive with unique activities.

To make the most of it, grab a Culture Pass, granting access to museums, institutions, and exclusive events.

Don’t miss the one-night-only performances and installations that transform the Danish city into a vibrant cultural hub.

Time of the year: March

Copenhagen Art Week

Copenhagen Art Week shines a spotlight on emerging artists. It offers a platform for their innovative work alongside special art installations scattered throughout the city.

This event is a must-see for art lovers eager to discover the next big names in the art world.

Time of the year: May/June

Copenhagen Pride Week

Copenhagen Pride Week culminates with the parade, a vibrant display of diversity and solidarity that paints the city in the colors of the rainbow.

This week-long celebration holds deep cultural significance, offering a variety of community events that foster inclusion, awareness, and pride.

Copenhagen pride
Photo credit to copenhagenpride

From discussions and workshops to parties and performances, Pride Week unites people from all walks of life in support of LGBTQ+ rights and visibility.

The festival takes place in winter and summer, where the latter is the most festive.

Time of the year: February & August

Copenhagen Light Festival

After the clock strikes pm and it gets dark, Copenhagen Light Festival illuminates the city with stunning light installations.

Explore the best routes for viewing these captivating displays, transforming the night into a mesmerizing journey through art and light.

Time of the year: February

The Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival

The Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival offers unparalleled culinary experiences. It features tasting sessions that highlight the best of Danish and international cuisine.

Cooking & Food Event in Copenhagen
Photo credit to copenhagencooking

Food enthusiasts can indulge in a variety of flavors, learning from top chefs and local producers.

Time of the year: August

Copenhagen Design Festival

The Copenhagen Design Festival, also referred to as ‘3 Days of Design’, is a highlight among events in Copenhagen, Denmark, showcasing the country’s leadership in design.

This festival is a boom of design events, presenting the latest trends and introducing new designers in the field. This way, it emphasizes Denmark’s significant role in shaping global design aesthetics.

Time of the year: June

Seasonal and Special Events

Christmas Markets

Experience the festive atmosphere at Copenhagen’s Christmas Markets, bustling with unique crafts and traditional foods.

The aroma of gløgg and roasted almonds fills the air, making these markets a must-visit for a taste of Danish holiday spirit.

Time of the year: November – December

New Year’s Celebrations

For the best New Year’s festivities, head to places like Tivoli Gardens or the City Hall Square in Copenhagen.

These spots offer spectacular fireworks and a vibrant atmosphere to ring in the New Year with joy and excitement.

Time of the year: 31st of December

Easter Celebrations

Easter in Copenhagen is celebrated with traditional Danish customs, including Easter lunches consisting of smørrebrød, egg painting, and spring events.

Churches and communities host various activities, reflecting Denmark’s rich cultural heritage during this festive season.

Time of the year: April

Midsummer Celebrations

Midsummer Eve (Sankt Hans Aften) in Copenhagen is marked by bonfires, live music, and speeches.

This traditional celebration is held at numerous venues. These include beaches and parks, where locals gather to enjoy the longest day of the year in a truly Danish fashion.

Time of the year: June

Final Thoughts on Events in Copenhagen

Copenhagen’s event calendar is a testament to the city’s vibrant cultural fabric. It offers a diversity of experiences that cater to every interest.

From music festivals and food fairs to traditional celebrations and design showcases, the richness of events in Copenhagen invites locals and visitors alike to immerse themselves in the unique ambiance of the city.

I hope you enjoyed this article and found some great events and festivals in Copenhagen to enjoy! If you liked this article, be sure to read my guide to the best tours in Copenhagen for more great activities!

Thank you for reading!


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