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Best Camping Games | 17 Great Ideas for an Outdoor Adventure

There are a lot of things in the itinerary for your next camping trip. These probably include hiking, sightseeing, relaxing around a campfire, and so on. However, no trip can be complete without some handy and playful games. These are great for when you just want to spend some time with your loved ones.

One of the best ways to create a fun and memorable trip is to have plenty of games and activities included in your camping schedule so that you can recover from the fatigue that a camping trip brings with it. 

If you are planning your next camping trip and want to fill in those gaps between hiking sessions with some fun activities and games, you have come to the right place!

Here is a list of all the fun camping games you and your loved ones can engage in and bond over.

Benefits of Family Camping Games

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Family camping games are more than just a way to pass the time. They play a vital role in strengthening family bonds and creating shared memories.

Participating in these games can help families connect on a deeper level, encouraging communication and collaboration.

Each game creates a platform for open dialogue, where family members can share their thoughts, ideas, and emotions more freely.

Moreover, many outdoor games involve a certain level of physical activity, promoting health and fitness. The outdoors provides a great opportunity for everyone to engage in play and exercise simultaneously, all while soaking in the beauty of nature.

From a simple game of tag to a challenging round of scavenger hunt, each game helps improve coordination, balance, and strength. They offer a fun and engaging way to stay active.

Tips to Make Camping Games More Fun

blog post about the best camping games

Adding a twist to traditional camping games can make them more engaging and enjoyable. Here are a few tips to help you do just that:

  1. Variations: Add variations to classic games. For example, play tag with flashlights after dark or turn the game of hide and seek into a treasure hunt with clues.
  2. Themes: Incorporate themes into the games. For instance, if you’re playing a guessing game, use a wildlife or camping theme to make it more relevant and interesting.
  3. Prizes: Consider having small prizes for game winners. This can be as simple as choosing the next game or getting the first serving of s’mores. A little friendly competition can make games more exciting.
  4. Involvement: Make sure everyone is involved, regardless of age or ability. Modify the rules if necessary to ensure that everyone can participate and enjoy.

How to Choose the Right Camping Game?

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Choosing the right game for camping depends on a variety of factors:

Number of Participants: The game should accommodate the number of people in your group. Some games are more fun with a large group, while others are perfect for a small family.

Age Group: Consider the ages of all participants. The game should be age-appropriate and engaging for everyone involved.

Available Equipment: Some games require specific equipment. Ensure you have the necessary items before deciding on the game.

Space: The amount of space available at your campsite may also influence the game you choose. Large open spaces are great for active games. Smaller areas might work better for board games or card games.

Preferences: Lastly, consider the preferences of your family members. Everyone will have more fun if they enjoy the game.

Which are the best Camping Games?

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Nature Scavenger Hunt 

A scavenger hunt is one of the best ways you can spend time while camping. Anyone can enjoy Outdoor camping games like this. It can also be a way to kick off the trip altogether, and it can be done anywhere while camping outdoors.

If you are going to a place with thick vegetation, you can put down names of exotic plants and rocks as treasures. This will also serve as a very teachable tool if you have kids along with you. You can leave hints behind in advance for others and have them do the same for you. From here, see who gets to their treasure the fastest. 

UNO Attack 

blog post about the best camping games

If you love Uno, you will love Uno Attack. This is a great game and is popular among all people because of the inherent suspense that comes with it.

It is the same as the classic game of Uno, except that it comes with an attack machine. Instead of a card, you press a button that releases several cards at random. This way you have no way of knowing which card you will get.

This makes the game much more exciting and adds a layer of extra fun to the already classic Uno. if you love card games, you are going to love Uno Attack. 


Charades is an excellent camping game. After all, can there be anything better than sitting down under the stars, hearing the faint buzz of cicadas, having a cozy little campfire in front of you, and taking turns playing charades with your friends and family?

It sure sounds like a lot of fun! 

A game of camping charades is fairly simple and even small children can understand it. All you have to do is get into teams, have your opponent pick out a chit of paper with an activity or theme in it, and have someone from your team act it out without talking.

You could add a time limit to increase the pressure and make the game more thrilling. 

Tug of War 

We know what you might be thinking – Tug of War is very clearly an outdoor game, and is it safe to play it on a camping trip?

Well, why not?

This is particularly a good idea if your camping group is fairly large. Here everyone can engage in the same activity. Simply divide the entire group into two halves. Next, get a sturdy rope long enough so that all team members can pull at it, and watch them go!

Since this is a game where the collective strength of the group is highlighted, it can be an opportunity for small kids to learn about the merits that come with pursuing unity. 

Trivia Contests

Camping trips are perfect for trivia nights, because who does not like to engage in games when your knowledge of popular culture is tested?

Let’s admit it, we have all wished for the Harry Potter or Star Wars books to be part of our academic syllabi at some point in time.

A holiday with your friends can be the best way to brush up on your trivia knowledge and unleash the nerd inside you. It could be trivia centered around any show or book that you like. Trivia contests are one of the best ways to test the memory skills of people. 

Simon Says 

Simon Says is a beloved childhood game for probably every kid growing up. In case you are unfamiliar, in this game, a person is made to be Simon, who then issues a statement. The rest of the players follow the lead but must start their statements with the words “Simon Says”.

This is a fun way to exercise your memory as well as refresh your mind. Meanwhile, you can think about all the happy times you had during your childhood playing this game.

Simon Says also tests the listening skills of people playing the game. This is because it involves a careful repetition of the titular phrase, followed by a related command. 

Cup Stacking 

blog post about the best camping games

Thinking about a game you could play with your camping essentials?

Well, we all bring cups, so why not use them to play this classic game?

Cup stacking is simply a game where each person in a group tries to stack cups one on top of another as quickly as they can, in a pyramid formation, without the whole structure crumbling down.

Drinking cups and a stopwatch are all you need to start this game, and the fastest stacker wins the game. Here’s something for the trivia contests we have mentioned before- did you know that cup stacking has been a sport in the AAU Junior Olympics since 1981? 

Taco VS Burrito

This is a funny little game that is sure to get a couple of laughs out of you. Taco VS Burrito is simply a card game where you have to collect points (in the form of foods that can be added to a taco or a burrito).

The person who has the most points (food) at the end of the game wins. There is a lot of fun involved while playing this game, because a single card can create considerable havoc and take away all your points, making you start right from the beginning all over again. 

Go Fish 

Go Fish is one of the most common card games for kids. If you are on an outdoor trip with your family and want something to keep the kids occupied for a while, this is the best way to do that!

You can teach Go Fish to kids very easily and it has an entertaining element to it. This can make your kids concentrate on it completely.

Another advantage of this game is that you can play it with pretty much any kind of card. In case you have not brought your original Go Fish cards, you can assign characters and names to the other cards you have and still have a great time playing with them. Also, this game can easily be played inside your large family tent if you are having bad weather or relaxing in the afternoon.


One of the most popular games that you can play indoors and well outdoors is Jenga. This game is perfect for people of any age because no matter how you look at it, it is fun!

It involves carefully stacking and arranging a tower of bricks in such a way that if you take the bricks out of the tower strategically, then the tower will keep standing. However, if they are taken out haphazardly, the tower will crumble and whoever does this loses the game.

Having a block of Jenga ready among the camping essentials in your RV is a great way to never forget to bring this game to trips.

To make sure that the game is being played fairly, make sure to stack the block of bricks on a smooth and straight surface. Otherwise, the bricks may tumble on their own, making you lose the game unfairly. 


Sequence is a very beloved kids’ game that can be played on outdoor trips as well. Since this game does not take up a lot of time, it is great to play if you are short on time. Maybe you just want the kids to be entertained for a while – for example, right after dinner when they do not want to go to bed.

However, one needs to pay close attention to this game to make sure that the moves the opponent makes do not result in a loss for oneself. This is, therefore, a good game to play for kids, since it encourages them how to think strategically. 

Ladder Toss

This is a highly competitive game that you can play outdoors. You will need a set of ladders and two balls, tied together with a rope. Then, you take turns trying to get the balls to hit or turn around the rungs.

While this can sound like a very easy game, it is much more difficult in reality.

The game ends when a particular person scores the agreed-upon winning points. Moreover, you do not necessarily have to purchase the game kit, you can easily do a DIY project using common household items, such as golf balls and PVC pipes.

The game setup in itself is not very heavy and does not take up a lot of space in your RV, so it is ideal to carry with you when camping. 


Kickball is among the most beloved of all camping games. However, you need to play this outside in a big area. It involves one person kicking a ball and trying to get it past the opposing team’s players into the goal.

This is very similar to soccer, except that it can be played with far fewer people. It is a very fast game, which makes it great for kids since it will be entertaining from the start. Moreover, kickball barely requires any equipment since all you will need is a ball and a boundary to hold the game inside.


If you are looking for classic card games, why not try the cribbage free online version?

All you need for this game is a smartphone with a stable internet connection. You will be dealt with the cards automatically and can win to score points. The best part about this game is that it can be played alone or with a group of people, whichever you prefer. 

Whether you go camping in an RV in Argentina for the entire season or just take a break in camping chairs for the weekend, this game will entertain you.

Would You Rather 

One of the more amusing indoor talk games is Would You Rather.

Essentially, in this game, the player is given two situations and a choice to make to be in any one of those situations. Now mind you, these situations are going to be pretty funny, in such a way that it will become very difficult to choose just one out of the two situations.

This is a game best played with teenagers and adults because this can give a very keen insight into someone’s mind and how they think. 

For example, a classic way of framing a question in this game would be – would you rather eat only onions or only curry paste all your life?

Two Truths and a Lie 

This is another classic drinking game, which is a great idea for camping trips where you are with your friends and want to just down some beer while relaxing and having a good time.

In this game, a player makes three statements, out of which two are truthful and one is a lie. It is up to the other players to detect which statement is the lie and which is the truth.

People who cannot answer correctly will have to take a sip of their drink, and it can be very amusing to see some people get drunk since they could not guess anything correctly. 

Never Have I Ever 

We end our list with one of the most popular drinking games- Never Have I Ever.

In this, one player says something that have never done, and anyone around them who has done it has to take a sip of their drink. Usually, the situations are bizarre and unrealistic, which is what makes the game all the more amusing, since it is a way for people to uncover their friends’ deepest secrets funnily.

Imagine this- you are camped in your spacious RV with your friends and there’s a light shower outside, so you stay in and play this game and get a little tipsy while sharing one too many laughs.

Doesn’t it sound great? 

DIY Camping Games

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Creating your own fun camping games is a fun and budget-friendly way to enhance your camping experience. All you need are a few camping or van essentials and you can create your own fun. Here are some DIY fun camping game ideas using common camping items:

  1. Tin Can Bowling: Collect and clean six to ten empty cans. Arrange them in a pyramid shape and use a ball to knock them down. This can turn into a fun competition among family members.
  2. Nature Scavenger Hunt: Create a list of items to find in nature, such as a pinecone, feather, or certain type of leaf. This game can be both educational and entertaining, and it encourages exploration of the natural surroundings.
  3. Campsite Obstacle Course: Use items around the campsite to create an obstacle course. This could include jumping over sleeping bags, crawling under a string tied between two trees, or weaving between water bottles.
  4. Shadow Puppets: When the sun goes down, use a flashlight and your hands to make shadow puppets on the side of the tent. This can be a fun storytelling method before bedtime.

Remember, safety should always be a priority when creating and playing DIY camping games.

Rules for Popular Camping Games

If you’re new to camping games, here are the rules for a few popular ones:

Tag: One player is ‘it’ and has to run around trying to touch or ‘tag’ the other players. Once you tag a player, they become ‘it’ and the game continues.

Hide and Seek: One person is ‘it’ and has to count to a predetermined number while the other players hide. ‘It’ then seeks the hidden players. The first player found becomes the new ‘it’.

Capture the Flag: This game requires two teams, each with its own territory and flag. The goal is to capture the opposing team’s flag and bring it back to your own territory without being tagged by the opposing team members in their territory.

Duck Duck Goose: Players sit in a circle while one player walks around tapping the others on the head saying ‘duck’ and then chooses someone by saying ‘goose’. The ‘goose’ then chases the first player around the circle with the goal of tagging them before they can sit down in the ‘goose’s’ spot.

These are simple travel games that require little to no equipment and can be played by all ages, making them perfect for a. Remember, the aim is to have fun, so feel free to adjust the rules as needed to suit your family.

Best Camping Games for Kids

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Camping games are a fantastic way to keep children entertained and involved during a camping trip. Here are some great camping games, that are especially suitable and enjoyable for kids:

Scavenger Hunt: Kids love exploring, and scavenger hunts are a great camping game to encourage this. You can make a list of things to find, like specific plants, rocks, or animals. Make sure all items on the list are safe for younger and older kids to handle.

I Spy: This classic game is a perfect camping game. Kids can take turns spotting something and giving clues while others guess what it is. It’s a great way to encourage kids to observe their surroundings closely.

Shadow Tag: This is a super fun twist on the traditional tag, perfect for when the sun is setting. Instead of tagging the person, the goal is to step on their shadow. A silly game that is simple to play.

Nature Bingo: Create bingo cards with pictures of items that kids might see while camping, like a bird, a leaf, a tent, etc. The first person to spot all items in a row and shout “Bingo!” is the winner.

Sleeping Bag Race: Just like a sack race, but with sleeping bags or bean bags. It’s a great game to burn off energy and can be so much fun.

Tips to make camping games for kids more engaging

Keep it Simple

Choose games with simple rules. The less complicated the game, the easier it is for children to understand and enjoy playing it.

Encourage Participation

Encourage all kids to participate. Make sure everyone understands the rules and feels comfortable playing.


Be flexible with the rules. The main goal of these games is to have fun, so if changing a rule makes the game more enjoyable, go for it!


Consider having small prizes or awards for game winners or participants. This could be a special treat, the privilege of choosing the next game, or even a fun title like ‘Nature Explorer of the Day’.

A Final Note on the Best Camping Games

And there you have it!

Armed with these great games, your trips are set to be filled with laughter, adventure, and above all, unforgettable memories. These games are not just about keeping boredom at bay, but also about creating deeper connections with your loved ones. Each round of laughter, every shared moment of excitement, and even the friendly competitions, all serve to weave a bond of shared experience and joy that will echo for years to come.

But the beauty of camping games for kids is not just in playing them, but also in the precious aftermath—those moments around the campfire, reliving the day’s fun, savoring the triumphs, and giggling over the funny mishaps. These are the times when stories are born, stories that will be told and retold, becoming part of your family’s unique camping lore.

So, pack up your camping gear, don’t forget your spirit of adventure, and prepare for some great fun camping games. Be it the thrill of a scavenger hunt, the creativity of DIY games, or the warm familiarity of classic camping games, there is something for everyone in the family.

FAQS about the Best Camping Games

What are some good games to play while camping?

There are plenty of fun games you can play while camping. Traditional games like tag, hide and seek, or capture the flag are always a hit. Board games or card games like Uno or Jenga can also be fun, especially during the evening. For a more immersive family camping game experience, you might try a nature scavenger hunt or campsite bingo.

What is the most popular camping activity?

Hiking is often considered the most popular camping activity. It’s a great way to explore the surrounding area, get some exercise, and take in the beauty of nature. However, there are many other popular camping activities, such as fishing, canoeing, wildlife spotting, or even just sitting around the campfire telling stories and roasting marshmallows.

How do I make camping not boring?

The key to an exciting trip is variety. Plan a mix of activities like hiking, fishing, swimming, or bird watching during the day. Additionally, plan games or storytelling sessions during the evenings. You can also plan themed days or nights, like a wildlife day or a ghost story night.

What games can you play in a tent?

There are numerous games you can play in a tent. Small board games are perfect for this setting. You can also play card games or “I Spy” inside a glow-in-the-dark tent, or tell stories. If you have a flashlight, playing shadow puppets can be a fun game before bedtime.

How do I keep my kids busy when camping?

To keep kids entertained while camping, plan a variety of activities. Nature-themed games, like a scavenger hunt or nature bingo, can be both fun and educational. Crafts, like making leaf rubbings or painting rocks, can also keep them busy. Assigning them age-appropriate camping duties, like gathering firewood or setting up the tent, can also make them feel involved and important. Be sure to bring along some of their favorite toys or books for quiet time in the tent.

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