Food Tours in Copenhagen | 5 Best Local and Tasty Tours

Food tours in Copenhagen

Let’s talk about something awesome: food tours in Copenhagen.

I’m a local Dane who’s lived here in Copenhagen for years, and let me tell you, I love food.

This city is like a giant kitchen with so many different things to try, from cool cafes hidden around corners to big markets full of fresh stuff.

Whether you’re super into food or just want to try some new tastes, Copenhagen’s got you covered.

So, let’s take a walk together and check out the best food tours in town.

Why Should You Do a Food Tour in Copenhagen?

Wondering why you should join a food tour in Copenhagen? Here are some cool reasons why:

  • Taste the real Copenhagen: There’s no better way to understand a place than through its food. You get to taste dishes that locals love, not just the touristy stuff.
  • Learn cool stories: Every bite has a story. Whether it’s about the history of smørrebrød or why Danes love their pastries so much, you’ll get unique insights you won’t find in guidebooks.
  • Meet new people: Food tours are a great way to meet other travelers and even some locals. Sharing food is like making instant friends.
  • Discover hidden gems: Guides know those secret spots you might walk right past. They’ll take you to the best bites hidden in plain sight.

So, grabbing a spot on a food tour in Copenhagen is an adventure that fills you with knowledge, fun, and of course, great food.

What Is the Best Food Tour in Copenhagen?

Choosing the best Copenhagen tours for food is tough because they’re all pretty great. But, I’ve narrowed down the top ones that show off what this city’s all about when it comes to food.

These tours take you to hidden spots, fill you in on the tasty stories behind the dishes, and of course, let you try a bunch of amazing food.

1. Copenhagen: Culinary Experience Tour

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When it comes to diving deep into Copenhagen’s food culture, the Copenhagen Culinary Experience Tour is the best one.

This food tour is a culinary journey that blends sightseeing with a rich exploration of Danish culture, ensuring you taste the absolute best local favorites and must-tries.

What makes this experience the cream of the crop? It’s the perfect mix of delicious food, engaging stories, and the chance to see the Danish city through the eyes of a local.

Key Benefits:

  • Try a wide variety of local delights, like cheeses, chocolates, hotdogs, and open-faced sandwiches
  • Efficiently explores multiple food stops
  • Starts from a convenient location in the city
  • Offers a genuine local experience, diving into the stories behind the dishes
  • Enjoy fabulous tastings of seafood, drinks, and more
  • Visit a local food market


  • Focuses on a broad array of food and diverse tastings
  • Includes fabulous tastings and unique drinks
  • Offers an insightful look into the evolution of Copenhagen’s food culture


  • Less emphasis on sightseeing compared to other tours

For anyone passionate about food, this one is unmissable. It’s a celebration of all things delicious, offering a unique blend of traditional and modern Danish treats.

2. Copenhagen: 3-Hour Culinary Bike Tour

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Mixing cycling and eating might just be the most Copenhagen thing ever, and it’s why this 3-Hour Culinary Bike Tour is one of my personal favorites when it comes to food tours in the city.

It offers a unique blend of exploring the city’s beautiful parts on two wheels while stopping to enjoy delicious Danish foods and street food.

Imagine pedaling through charming streets and then pausing to savor a bite of something truly local and tasty. This is about getting a real taste of the city – both literally and figuratively!

Key Benefits:

  • Experience Copenhagen like a local on a bike
  • Enjoy tastes from 6 different food stops, including rye bread, chocolate, and hotdogs
  • Learn about Danish food culture from an expert guide
  • Starts from a convenient central location in the city


  • Authentic local experience with cycling
  • Wide variety of Danish specialties
  • The perfect combination of exercise and eating
  • Great value for money


  • Bad weather can make the biking part less enjoyable

So, if you’re up for a little adventure that fills both your heart and your stomach, this culinary tour is the perfect way to see Copenhagen by bike.

Just remember to dress for the weather, as the only downside is that biking in the rain isn’t quite as fun.

3. Copenhagen: Scandinavian Delights Food & Drink Private Tour

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Dive into the heart of Scandinavian cuisine with the Copenhagen Scandinavian Delights Food & Drink Private Tour.

What makes this experience stand out is its deep focus on Nordic cuisine, offering a unique chance to explore the rich flavors and traditions that define this part of the world.

This private tour is a culinary adventure, led by a local guide dedicated to giving you an in-depth look at Danish gastronomy.

Key Benefits:

  • Deep dive into Nordic cuisine with a strong Scandinavian focus
  • Try a variety of traditional Danish dishes and drinks at 5 different stops
  • Enjoy the personalized attention and expertise of a private guide
  • Discover the stories of Copenhagen through its food and drink
  • Starting from a convenient location in the city


  • Personalized exploration of Scandinavian cuisine
  • Private guide
  • 5 stops
  • Includes tastings of classic dishes like Ristepølse, Smørrebrod, Fiskefrikadeller, and Flæskestegssandwich
  • Traditional beers
  • Visit traditional food stands and restaurants
  • Great value for money


  • Less sightseeing

With this Copenhagen food tour, you get to savor the flavors of Nordic cuisine and gain a deeper understanding of Denmark’s culinary heritage, making it a must-do for food enthusiasts and cultural explorers.

4. Copenhagen: Private Full-Day City Tour with Food Tastings

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If you’re looking for an experience that blends iconic sights with delicious Danish cuisine, the Copenhagen Private Full-Day City Tour with Food Tastings is your go-to.

This guided walking tour stands out because it offers the luxury of a private guide dedicated to showing you the best parts of Copenhagen, including the vibrant Christiania and the iconic Little Mermaid, all while tantalizing your taste buds with local flavors.

Key Benefits:

  • Explore both major sights and hidden gems of Copenhagen
  • Enjoy the personalized attention of a private guide
  • Experience three exclusive tasting stops featuring Danish cuisine
  • Starts from a convenient central location
  • Dive into the city’s culture and history with intriguing stories


  • See major sites
  • Private guide
  • Tailored experience


  • More focus on sightseeing with less emphasis on food
  • Only 3 food stops

This private food tour is an excellent choice for those who value the intimacy of a personalized experience, allowing you to dive deep into Copenhagen’s unique history and culture while satisfying your taste buds with some of the city’s culinary highlights.

5. Copenhagen: Foodie Walking Tour with Tastings & Secret Dish

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Head out on a culinary adventure with the Copenhagen Foodie Walking Tour, where every bite introduces you to the heart of Danish culture.

This tour is special not just for its delicious offerings but for its focus on ‘hygge’ – that cozy, content feeling that Danes are known for – and the excitement of a secret dish that adds an element of surprise to your experience.

Key Benefits:

  • Sample a variety of Danish delicacies, including the traditional smørrebrød
  • Immerse yourself in the local culture and learn about the history of Copenhagen, from its Viking roots to today
  • Enjoy the tour’s efficiency as it includes multiple stops, starting from a convenient city-center location
  • Experience true Danish hygge and culinary delights in a small, intimate group setting


  • Great value for money
  • Tastings of high-quality, local cuisine.
  • Learn about the rich history and culture of Copenhagen
  • Unique opportunity to try a secret dish


  • Not as high-end as other experiences

This tour is great for anyone who wishes to combine great tastings, sightseeing, and experience the concept of ‘hygge’ with a down-to-earth vibe.

Buyers Guide: How I Completed the Guide

Crafting the ultimate Copenhagen Food Tour Guide was a bit of a research task, but as a local food lover, I dove into the challenge with gusto. Here’s a peek into how I curated the best experiences for you:

  • Local Insight: First off, being a local gives me the inside scoop. I’ve tasted my way around Copenhagen and know exactly which foods you can’t miss on your trip.
  • Must-Try Foods: I zeroed in on experiences that feature Denmark’s culinary stars—think local cheeses, roast pork, divine chocolates, unique beers, and the iconic smørrebrød.
  • Quality Checks: It wasn’t just about what you’ll eat but where you’ll eat it. I reviewed the itineraries carefully, checking the brands and locations mentioned. Familiar with the best spots in town, I ensured these tours take you to the top places for an authentic taste of Denmark.
  • Value for Money: I looked for tours that offer a great mix of quality and value. It’s important that you get to try a variety of foods without breaking the bank.
  • Real Experiences: Lastly, I combed through reviews to ensure past participants had genuine, enjoyable experiences.

Final Thoughts on Food Tours in Copenhagen

Food tours in Copenhagen pastries

And that wraps up our guide to the best Copenhagen food tours! This city is a paradise for any food lover, offering a world of flavors within just a few hours.

Taking a day tour to try some tasty bites is hands-down the best way to dive into the local cuisine and discover restaurants you won’t find anywhere else.

If you liked this article, make sure to check out my favorite cheap eats in Copenhagen for my local hidden gems.

All the very best,


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