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Unique Hygge Spots in Copenhagen I Local Hidden Gems

Are you looking to soak up some true Danish hygge vibes while in Copenhagen? You’re in the perfect spot!

As a local who’s lived here for over a decade, I know all the best places to experience hygge in Copenhagen. Hygge is all about enjoying the simple, cozy moments, and this city has them in spades.

From charming cafes and relaxing parks to intimate restaurants and laid-back bars, I’m excited to share the top spots where you can feel that warm, welcoming atmosphere.

Let’s explore the best hygge spots in Copenhagen that locals swear by!

What is Hygge?

First things first, let’s clear up any confusion: hygge is a Danish word that doesn’t have a direct English translation.

Imagine dimmed warm glow lights, a beautiful green park, candles, or an old wooden bar—they all capture the essence of hygge.

Hygge in Copenhagen - Magstraede

In Danish, hygge is a term for cozy, enjoyable moments. It’s not just about places but also about experiences.

For example, after spending a day helping a friend paint their apartment, eating pizza on the floor might not sound glamorous, but it’s definitely hygge.

Or when someone asks if you had fun with your sister, you might say, “Yeah, it was very hygge.” It means it was a nice, pleasant time spent together, even if it wasn’t particularly exciting.

Danes consider all sorts of things hygge, from a quiet moment with a book to a get-together with friends. Even less-than-perfect situations can be hygge because it’s all about the vibe and the company.

Whether you’re having a cozy evening at home or enjoying a leisurely stroll through a park, hygge is woven into the fabric of daily life here in Copenhagen and is more than just a word.

Does that make sense?

Maybe not entirely, but don’t worry!

We’ll explore some fantastic places in Copenhagen where you can experience hygge firsthand.

Bonus: Consider doing a hygge and happiness tour in Copenhagen. It’s a great way to dive into Danish culture!

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Where to Experience Danish Hygge in Copenhagen?

Most Hygge Cafes in Copenhagen

Danes love their coffee and café vibes, and with our long, chilly months, it’s no wonder we seek out warm spots to snuggle up and chat with friends.

Food to eat in Denmark

Whether you’re looking for a quiet nook to read or a comfy place to enjoy brunch, here are some of the best cafes that scream hygge:

  • Paludan Bog & Café: This book café is a cozy, intellectual coffee shop right in the city center. Imagine sitting with a hot drink, surrounded by books and the low hum of conversation.
  • La Glace: La Glace is a historic pastry café that feels like a warm hug. Opened in 1870, it’s famous for its amazing cakes and traditional vibe. Make sure to try their sports cake and a cup of hot chocolate—they’re a must!
  • Pixie: Located in the charming Østerbro area, Pixie is a cute little café known for its delicious brunch and warm atmosphere. Right next door is Café Bopa, run by the same folks, and it’s just as hyggelig.
  • Morgenstedet: In the heart of the famous Danish Christiania, Morgenstedet is a super hygge café with its laid-back, organic, vegetarian menu. The walk through Christiania’s little streets, passing quirky shops and galleries, is a treat in itself.
  • A.C. Perch’s Tearoom: A.C. Perch’s Tearoom is a lovely English-style tea café above a famous tea shop. It’s perfect for those times when you want to enjoy a quiet moment with a good cup of tea and some tasty pastries.

For more great and cozy cafes, check out my guide on the best cafes in Copenhagen.

Most Hygge Outdoor Areas in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is known for being a very green city, with parks and green spaces scattered all around. It’s a common sight to see people strolling or relaxing in a park, soaking up the peaceful atmosphere.

Parks in Copenhagen -Frederiksberg Have

Here are some of the most hyggelige outdoor spots in the city where you can experience true hygge in Copenhagen:

  • Kongens Have (The King’s Garden): This beautiful park in Copenhagen is perfect for a relaxed afternoon with plenty of cozy corners to unwind. Plus, the nearby castle is pretty cute and adds to the charming atmosphere.
  • Botanisk Have: The Botanical Gardens, part of Copenhagen University, are free to enter and offer a serene escape right in the city center.
  • Assistens Cemetery: This serene cemetery is ideal for a reflective walk. It’s a special spot where you can quietly enjoy the tranquility and even spot the graves of famous Danes.
  • Frederiksberg Have: A gorgeous park also home to one of Copenhagen’s cozy festivals, which is very hygge. The park borders the zoo, so you might even catch a glimpse of the elephants during your visit.

In these parks, you’ll experience the natural beauty and also a taste of Danish culture and the laid-back lifestyle that defines Denmark.

So grab a blanket, something for a picnic, a good book, beer, or some friends, and head out to these lovely green spaces for a true hygge experience.

Most Hygge Restaurants in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is full of restaurants where you can enjoy a hyggelig meal. Whether it’s a simple dish of porridge or a hearty traditional meal, these spots offer cozy settings that make dining a truly comforting experience.

Unique things to do in Denmark

Here are some of the most hygge restaurants in the city:

  • Grød: This place specializes in comforting porridge, offering a simple yet cozy dining experience that’s perfect for a chilly day. It’s a great spot to enjoy a warm, hearty bowl of porridge that feels like a hug in a bowl.
  • Øens Have: Located in Reffen, this local farm-to-table spot is a true hygge gem. They cook by open fire outside, and you dine in big tents or yurts, making for a unique and cozy family-style dining experience.
  • Nyboders Køkken: This restaurant specializes in traditional Danish food, offering a warm, inviting atmosphere that’s perfect for those looking to taste a bit of Danish culture.
  • Reffen: The open-air vibe and diverse food options make Reffen street food market a perfect spot to gather with friends and enjoy a casual, hygge meal.

Whether you’re looking for a unique outdoor dining experience or a taste of traditional Danish fare, these restaurants offer some of the best cozy vibes in Copenhagen.

Most Hygge Bars in Copenhagen

Copenhagen has no shortage of cozy bars where you can unwind with friends and enjoy a drink in a warm, inviting atmosphere.

La banchina Copenhagen

Whether you prefer a classic cocktail, a glass of wine, or just a cozy nook to chat in, here are some of the most hygge bars in the city:

  • Ruby: This cocktail bar is a real gem with its vintage charm and cozy ambiance. It’s the kind of place where you can settle into a comfy chair, sip on a perfectly crafted cocktail, and lose track of time chatting with friends.
  • Vinhanen: A laid-back wine bar that’s perfect for a relaxed evening with friends. Vinhanen has a welcoming, communal vibe where you can enjoy a good glass of wine without any fuss.
  • Palæ Bar: This old bodega in the heart of town is known for its amazing ambiance and lively crowd. It’s always full of happy visitors, making it a great spot for enjoying a drink and soaking up some local flavor.
  • La Banchina: Imagine enjoying a glass of natural wine while soaking up the sun at a swimming dock. La Banchina is my favorite bar in Copenhagen because it’s its own happy hygge place.

These bars offer some of the best hygge in Copenhagen, each with its own unique charm and inviting atmosphere.

Most Hygge Activities in Copenhagen

Hygge in Copenhagen - Tivoli

Here are some of the best hygge activities you can enjoy in Copenhagen:

  • Canal Tours: One of the most relaxing ways to see the city is by taking a canal tour. These boat trips offer unique views of Copenhagen’s historic buildings, charming waterfront, and picturesque bridges.
  • Tivoli Gardens: The iconic amusement park of the Danish capital is especially magical during the winter months. With fairy lights strung up everywhere and plenty of cozy spots to warm up, Tivoli Gardens is a true hygge haven.
  • Cycle Around the City: Copenhagen is incredibly bike-friendly, making it the perfect city to explore on two wheels. Plus, it’s a fantastic way to stay active while enjoying the sights.
  • Visit Some Museums: Copenhagen is home to a bunch of great museums that offer both cultural enrichment and a cozy way to spend your day. Two of my favorites are the Cisternerne and the Glyptoteket.

Most Hygge Areas in Copenhagen

Nordhavn in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is full of cozy neighborhoods perfect for experiencing hygge:

  • Nørrebro: Eclectic charm with cozy spots like Jægersborggade, Ravnsborggade, and Blågårdsgade.
  • Frederiksberg: Relaxed vibes with beautiful parks. Explore Værnedamsvej and Frederiksberg Allé.
  • Østerbro: Green and tranquil. Check out Fælledparken, Nordre Frihavnsgade, and Nordhavn for a swim.
  • Christianshavn: Quaint canals and a laid-back atmosphere – think little Amsterdam. Perfect for a relaxing stroll.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Denmark tradition of hygge?

The Danish concept of hygge, rooted in the Danish language, emphasizes comfort, warmth, and togetherness. It involves creating a cozy atmosphere and enjoying life’s simple pleasures, such as sharing a meal with friends or lighting candles on a cold evening.

What are the practices of hygge?

Practices of hygge include enjoying warm drinks by a fireplace, sharing meals with loved ones, and creating a comfortable, inviting home environment. It’s about finding joy and happiness in everyday moments and making time for relaxation and connection.

What is an example of hygge?

An example of hygge is curling up with a good book under a blanket while enjoying the warmth of a candlelit room. It’s about embracing coziness and finding joy in simple, comforting activities that make you feel at ease.

How do you practice hygge?

Hygge means creating a cozy, inviting space, often with soft lighting, warm drinks, and good company. It’s about savoring everyday moments and can be practiced year-round. This is whether through indoor comfort in winter or outdoor relaxation in summer.

Final Thoughts on Danish Hygge Things

The concept of hygge has become very famous and well-known over the past few years, and for good reason. It’s all about finding happiness in the small things. Whether that is a cozy evening with friends or a quiet walk through a park.

Maybe that’s why Danes are some of the happiest people in the world. Embracing hygge helps us enjoy life’s hidden gems and find joy in everyday moments.

If you liked this article about hygge things, be sure to check out my guide on 30 Unique Things to Do in Denmark. There’s so much more to explore in this city full of hygge and hidden gems!

All the very best,


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