15 Best Hotels in Denmark | Ultimate Guide to Must-Visit Stays

Best hotels in Denmark

Looking for the best hotels in Denmark? You’ve come to the right place.

As someone who’s a native, I know Denmark like the back of my hand, and I’m here to help you find the perfect spot to stay.

Denmark’s got a bit of everything, from cool city hotels in Copenhagen to cozy spots by the sea. It’s all about getting that genuine Danish vibe, right?

Whether you’re here to check out the cool cafes, the history, or just to chill in some beautiful spots, picking a great hotel can make all the difference.

So, let’s dive in and find you a place that’s more than just a bed for the night but a real part of your Danish adventure.

Why Pick Denmark as a Travel Destination?

Denmark might not be the first country that pops into your head when you’re planning a getaway, but it definitely should be on your radar. Here’s why:

  • Diverse scenery: From stunning coastlines to lush green parks and forests, Denmark has a landscape that caters to all kinds of adventurers.
  • Rich history: Walk through centuries-old castles and Viking ruins to get a real feel for Denmark’s unique past.
  • Biking culture: With its flat lands and dedicated bike lanes, exploring Denmark on two wheels is both easy and enjoyable.
  • Gourmet restaurant scene: Denmark is a foodie paradise, boasting a number of gourmet restaurants that serve everything from traditional Danish smørrebrød to cutting-edge New Nordic cuisine.
  • Design and architecture: Expect to find individually designed rooms in many hotels, showcasing Denmark’s world-famous approach to design and comfort.

Denmark offers a unique blend of historical charm, modern design, and natural beauty, making it a top-notch travel destination

What Are the Best Hotels in Denmark?

Luxury Hotels in Denmark

If you’re on the hunt for top-notch spots to stay, Denmark’s best luxury hotels are where it’s at.

We’re talking about the kind of places that nail luxury, with amazing service and a vibe that’s just unbeatable.

These hotels aren’t just a place to crash or get complimentary breakfast; they’re about getting pampered, with all the leisure and relaxation facilities you could wish for.

1. Nimb Hotel, Copenhagen:

a blog post sharing where the best places to stay in Copenhagen are
Photo credit: nimbcopenhagen

Nestled in the heart of Tivoli Gardens, Nimb Hotel is where fairy-tale charm meets modern luxury.

Centrally located, this Copenhagen gem offers an in-house restaurant serving an array of cuisines, opulent rooms equipped with Nespresso machines and Bang & Olufsen TVs, and the convenience of being a stone’s throw away from the city’s major attractions.

2. Ruths Hotel, Skagen:

Best hotels in Denmark - Ruths Hotel, Skagen
Photo credit to Ruths Hotel

Just a short distance from Skagen’s vibrant center, Ruths Hotel offers a tranquil luxury escape with stunning shorelines nearby.

Guests can enjoy top-notch service, indulgent spa facilities, and beautifully appointed rooms featuring luxury beds and free Wi-Fi.

The hotel’s restaurant delights with Danish and French cuisine on the scenic sea view terrace.

3. Kokkedal Castle Copenhagen:

Kokkedal Castle Copenhagen
Photo credit to Kokkedal Slot

Set amidst lush greenery near Kokkedal Golf Club, this 18th-century castle blends historical elegance with contemporary luxury.

Kokkedal Castle Copenhagen features a relaxing spa center, indoor pool, and individually decorated rooms that capture the essence of its rich heritage, offering guests a unique and peaceful retreat just outside the bustling Danish city.

Best Hotels in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is a city that knows style, and its hotel scene is no exception.

From sleek, modern designs to cozy, boutique hotels, the Danish capital offers a wide range of accommodations.

4. Manon Les Suites, Copenhagen:

a blog post sharing where the best places to stay in Copenhagen are
Photo credit: lauralovestotravel

A lakeside oasis a short distance from the heart of Copenhagen, Manon Les Suites is an elegant boutique hotel that merges luxury with an eco-conscious ethos.

Its standout feature, a central pool set in a tropical ambiance, provides a unique city retreat.

Offering spacious suites with kitchenettes and comprehensive wellness amenities, it’s an ideal choice for families seeking comfort and sustainability in the city.

5. Villa Copenhagen:

Best hotels in Copenhagen, Villa Copenhagen - Pool
Photo credit to Villa Copenhagen

Set in the iconic, historic Central Post Building next to Copenhagen Central Station and Tivoli Gardens, Villa Copenhagen combines the grandeur of a historic landmark with modern luxury and sustainability.

This centrally located hotel is one of the best hotels in Copenhagen. It offers proximity to nearby destinations, diverse accommodation options, a fitness centre, an outdoor pool, and a chic bar, catering to guests looking for stylish, eco-friendly stays in the heart of Copenhagen.

6. Copenhagen Admiral Hotel:

blog post about boutique hotels in copenhagen
Photo credit to Admiral Hotel

Positioned on the waterfront and enveloped by cobbled streets and a fairy tale façade, the Copenhagen Admiral Hotel stands as a testament to 18th-century Scandinavian style and charm.

Its historic building features unique elements like exposed wooden beams and interior brickwork.

With a variety of room options and gourmet dining available, it provides a perfect base for exploring Copenhagen’s sights, all while offering a unique blend of history and modern comfort right from the harbor of Nyhavn.

Countryside Hotels in Denmark

Heading out to the Danish countryside shows off a whole other side of what makes Denmark cool.

You’ll find peaceful spots and cozy hotels that are all about relaxing and enjoying the quiet.

These places are perfect if you’re looking to chill out and take in those beautiful views.

7. Falsled Kro, Faaborg:

Falsled Kro is a serene retreat nestled in the lush countryside of Faaborg. Known as a peaceful hotel, it provides guests with an escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

This charming inn is celebrated for its exquisite dining experience, drawing on local ingredients to offer gourmet cuisine.

With its picturesque surroundings and attentively designed rooms, Falsled Kro is the epitome of relaxation and culinary excellence in a cozy, welcoming setting.

8. Hindsgavl Slot, Middelfart:

Best hotels in Denmark
Photo credit to Hindsgavl Slot

Hindsgavl Slot combines the majestic mix of a historical castle with the tranquil beauty of its impressive grounds. This unique destination offers guests a chance to step back in time and experience luxury in a historic setting.

With elegantly appointed rooms, modern amenities, and breathtaking natural views, Hindsgavl Slot provides a perfect blend of history, comfort, and scenic beauty.

Ideal for those seeking a peaceful getaway in a location full of history and charm.

Unique Hotels in Denmark

Denmark is a country that prides itself on unique accommodations that blend history, design, and natural beauty.

Whether it’s through cutting-edge design, unparalleled locations, or historical significance, each of these unique stays offers a glimpse into what makes Denmark special.

9. Nobis Hotel Copenhagen, a Member of Design Hotels™

Photo credit to Nobis Hotel Copenhagen, a Member of Design Hotels™

Nobis Hotel Copenhagen, located in a historic 1903 building in the city’s heart, offers elegance a short walk from Tivoli.

The NOI restaurant serves Scandinavian cuisine with seasonal ingredients. Its central location is ideal for exploring Copenhagen’s key attractions.

10. Stella Maris – Hotel de Luxe, Svendborg

Best hotels in Denmark
Photo credit to Stella Maris

Stella Maris – Hotel de Luxe, nestled in Svendborg, captivates with its private bathing pier and breathtaking views of Svendborg Sound.

Elegantly redesigned in 2014, its rooms reflect New England charm or Nordic simplicity, with several offering vistas of the sea or gardens.

Budget-Friendly Hotels in Denmark

In Denmark, opting for a budget-friendly hotel doesn’t mean skimping on quality.

These affordable accommodations offer great value, ensuring you have more to spend on exploring, dining, and experiencing all that Denmark has to offer.

11. Urban House Copenhagen, Vesterbro

blog post about the best hostels in copenhagen
Photo credit to Urban House Copenhagen

Urban House Copenhagen by Meininger is a vibrant hostel in Copenhagen nestled in the lively Vesterbro district, just a two-minute stroll from Copenhagen Central Station.

The hostel’s bar is a hotspot for local beer and live music, while communal areas like a billiards lounge, courtyard garden, quiet room, and movie room encourage guests to socialize and relax, making it a great place to stay in Copenhagen.

12. Cabinn Hotel Aarhus

Hotel in Aarhus, Denmark
Photo credit to Cabinn Aarhus

Aarhus is Denmark’s vibrant second city. It’s a charming blend of historical richness and modern innovation, offering everything from cutting-edge art and architecture to quaint cobblestone streets and cozy cafés.

Cabinn Aarhus offers a central stay in the heart of Aarhus, merely a three-minute walk from Århus Havn and less than a kilometer from Århus Hovedbanegård.

Its compact rooms are efficiently designed to be budget-friendly without sacrificing comfort.

Unique Scandinavian Hotels

Scandinavia’s got something special going on, from its stunning natural scenes to its cool, minimalist design and traditions that go way back.

The best part? The hotels here know how to make the most of these awesome surroundings, giving you a comfy, stylish spot to crash that feels uniquely connected to the place.

13. Helenekilde Badehotel, Tidsvildeleje

Helenekilde badehotel Tidsvilde, Denmark
Photo credit to Helenekilde Badehotel

Over at Helenekilde Badehotel in Tisvildeleje, you’re in for a real-deal Scandinavian beach getaway.

This spot’s all about kicking back in an old, stunning mansion turned hotel, right by the sea.

It’s laid-back, beautiful, and perfect for anyone looking to hit the trails or borrow a bike and see the sights. If you’re after a chill place to soak up the seaside vibes, this is it.

14. Nordlandet, Bornholm

Nordlandet, Bornholm
Photo credit to Nordlandet

Nordlandet on Bornholm’s coast is more than just a hotel—it’s a dive into the island’s heart. Just a bit away from Allinge, it gives you sea views, Nordic chic, and a taste of local flavors.

Bornholm shines through its stunning nature, traditions, and food, and Nordlandet embodies all of that with its sea-facing rooms and a restaurant that champions Nordic cuisine with local ingredients.

It’s the perfect spot to soak up Bornholm’s unique charm and experience something truly Danish.

15. Coco Hotel, Copenhagen

Hotel Coco, Copenhagen
Photo credit to Hotel Coco

Coco Hotel in Copenhagen stands out as a cozy retreat, part of the renowned Cofoco restaurant family.

Known as the best hotel in Scandinavia, this boutique hotel in Copenhagen is celebrated for integrating the warmth of Danish hospitality with a stylish, comfortable environment.

With its connection to Cofoco, guests can expect exceptional dining experiences that highlight the best of Scandinavian cuisine.

Map of the Best Hotels in Denmark

Below I made a map of the best hotels in Denmark so it’s easier to visualize where they are located:


And that’s!

My home country truly is a treasure chest of diverse experiences, offering so much more than meets the eye.

From the cozy, beachside retreats to the historic castles and modern, design-focused urban hotels, Denmark and the broader Scandinavian region have a knack for blending tradition with innovation.

I hope you liked this article on the best hotels in Denmark, be sure to check out unique things to do in Denmark to learn more about Danish culture.

All the very best,


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