Best Pizza in Copenhagen | 10 Local, Unique & Awesome Spots

Copenhagen is a popular travel destination and has been a growing food mecca for the last decade. You find something for everyone in this city and, of course, some of the absolute best pizza options are also available in Copenhagen. 

And who doesn’t like pizza? 

Because even when it’s bad, it’s still good, and in Copenhagen, you find some of the best options in the world.

I’m not even kidding. 

If you are looking for some great pizza in Copenhagen then look no further than here. In this guide, I will share the 10 best pizza places in Copenhagen for you to try!

Lastly, joining a food tour around Copenhagen is another great way to experience its incredible and diverse culinary scene.


Where To Get the Best Pizza in Copenhagen?


blog post about the best pizza in copenhagen
Photo credit to ottopizza_cph

At the beginning of 2021, former Michelin chef Rasmus Oubæk opened a Neapolitan pizzeria called Otto. The original location was Værnedamsvej in the Vesterbro area, but within a year the pizza expanded into three additional locations and serves some of the best pizza in Copenhagen. 

The pizzas are great with a thin bottom, good fresh toppings, and a crust you don’t want to leave behind. 

On top, they are also reasonably priced and range from 85-110 DKK. If you want to add some extra toppings you also do so and pay an extra 20 DKK. 

Finally, Otto created a great new takeaway concept if you wish to enjoy your pizza at home. On top of being able to buy your takeaway pizza the classical way, you can also pick it up cold from the fridge and bake the final 10 minutes at home. 

You find Otto at different locations around the city.

Pizzeria Lucca

blog post about the best pizza in copenhagen
Photo credit to ilovelucadk

If you wish to taste one of the world’s best pizzas (no joke), then you need to visit Luca. Luca was rated as the 9th best pizza place in the world and its popularity exploded since then. 

And rightfully so. 

The key behind Luca’s success is a hidden secret in their pizza dough. The recipe is a well-kept secret but is a creation that needs to rise cold for 72 hours. 

The master behind the magic is Luca Platania who is behind the recipe and also the name-giver of the restaurant. 

Besides pizzas, you have a few other tasty servings, wines, and tasty Italian-inspired drinks. 

Luca is located at 2 different locations in town.


blog post about the best pizza in copenhagen
Photo credit to motherpizzacph

In the meatpacking district of Copenhagen, you find the pizzeria MOTHER. A famous spot amongst locals and foreigners to go enjoy the Italian national dish and for good reason. 

With a delicious sourdough bottom and fresh ingredients, it’s hard to go wrong. Especially the sourdough is in focus here and it’s actually the mother dough of sourdough that inspired the restaurant’s name. 

Since the first opening day of MOTHER, the restaurant has been more or less full. People know MOTHER as a certain winner and enjoy the tasty pizzas inside the trendy Meat Packing District location or on the benches outside. 

You find MOTHER in Kødbyen.


Photo credit to baestcph

Bæst translates to “beast” and that is exactly what you get at this place. At least in terms of pizzas, this pizza is definitely one of the best you can have in Copenhagen. 

These guys serve sourdough pizzas with often homemade ingredients and cook them inside their impressive oven. Since the kitchen is open you even get a full front view of the magic happening inside. 

At BÆST the ingredients are in focus which shines through in the taste. BÆST has been nominated as one of the 10 best pizzas worldwide several times. 

Besides their pizzas, the homemade bread, cold cuts, and cheeses are great too. 

You find BÆST in the Nørrebro area. Right next to, you have BRUS – one of the best beer bars in Copenhagen.


blog post about the best pizza in copenhagen
Photo credit to surtcph

At the end of 2019, the pizzeria SURT opened behind the famous old elephants in Carlsberg Byen in the Vesterbro area. Behind the magic is Giuseppe Olivia who used to make pizzas at two other places mentioned on this list; Tribeca and BÆST. 

With a family who has baked bread since 1941, you would expect something good and this and much more is what you get at SURT. The bottoms are sourdough, the ingredients fresh, the tomato sauce made with love, and all is baked inside a handbuild oven. 

Besides the pizzas, you also find other small dishes that are perfected with care and with a large focus on organic ingredients. 

Tribeca Beer & Pizzalab

Photo credit to tribecabeer.pizzalab

Tribeca in the Nordvest area is what could be called a pizza- and beer lab, which has specialized in Sicilian-style stone oven pizzas.  

This place has a focus on organic quality ingredients which shines through in the taste of everything they serve. On top, these guys are great at playing and testing out interesting seasonal taste combinations. 

Tomato and high-quality mozzarella are regulars, but you also find more exotic toppings such as truffle, nduja, artichoke, and other seasonal vegetables.   

Tribeca is located at Bisiddervej 16, 2400 København

Pico pizza

blog post about the best pizza in copenhagen
Photo credit to picopizza_cph

Do you ever have a difficult time choosing what to order because you really want to try everything? Well, at Pico Pizza they have eliminated this problem by serving mini pizzas.

Meaning, that you can try three different gourmet pizzas for just 130 DKK. 

The setting of this place is laid back Nørrebro-style, and popular amongst young people who also enjoy pitchers of cocktails from the menu card. 

In terms of taste, the pizzas are always great with an extra twist on the classical Italian pizza, and you can even ask for truffle mayo on the side. 

Because of the concept, the kitchen sometimes needs a bit of time to prepare the food, so don’t go if you are in a hurry and enjoy something to drink while you wait. 


Photo credit to nbhkbh

At Neighbourhood, you get a different serving of pizza than most other places. 

These guys roll out their pizza bottoms ultra-thin and bake them extra crispy so it’s almost like a tasty cracker. 

Though it might sound innovative, the result is really light, fresh, tasty, and one of the best pizza servings to have in Copenhagen. 

Neighbourhood tops their pizzas with fresh, seasonal, and organic goodies, and you are served something interesting that never disappoints. 

The restaurants are decorated with a trendy Scandinavian touch and the menu card is full of tasty organic cocktails to pair with your meal. 

You find Neighbourhood at different locations around the city.

Pizzeria Mamemi & Winebar

blog post about the best pizza in copenhagen
Photo credit to pizzeriamamemi

Pizzaria Mamemi & Winebar is run by three talented Italian gentlemen who know what they are doing. 

The dough rises for a minimum of 48 hours and the ingredients are always of the highest quality. The toppings are always organic and as you might have guessed by the name, you can also visit this place as a wine bar. The wine list includes an impressive selection of biodynamic and natural wines that are always fun to dive into. 

The pizzeria is located in the trendy Vesterbro area right by Enghave Plads (a cozy square) and the place has an inviting ambiance. 


Photo credit to golacph

This tiny little Nørrebro pizza joint offers a roman style, but New York-inspired, pizza experience. 

What does that mean?

It means that the pizzas are the roman style with a thicker bottom but the concept is a pizza slide concept as you might see in New York. 

On top, Gola mixes this with an excellent selection and focuses on serving great biodynamic and natural wines. 

Gola serves pizza slices with seasonal and organic toppings at a very reasonable price. The ingredients are always of the highest quality and the taste combinations sometimes with a Scandinavian twist. 

With only a few seats, many people grab some pizza slices as street food and head outside. 

Gola is located at the popular Rantzausgade, a great area for cheaper restaurants, bars, and cozy Copenhagen cafes.

Map of Pizza Places in Copenhagen

Below I made a map and included my recommendations for you:

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General About Food and Pizza in Copenhagen

As you have hopefully learned through this post, Copenhagen serves some of the best pizzas in the world. 

Danish people love pizza and therefore, you can find the Italian plate in many different varieties all over the city. 

Though there are many great pizza places around, you also have some really crabby ones. 

My advice is to stay away from places that have too many things on the menu or are located on main shopping streets or squares. 

Additionally, Copenhagen is any food lover’s dream and you can find anything you might crave, whether that being a juicy burger, delicious vegan food, or a serving of our famous smørrebrød.

On top, Denmark is a great breakfast place, Danes love coffee, and Copenhagen has an excellent cafe scene.

Final Thoughts on the Best Pizza in Copenhagen

And that’s for the best pizza in Copenhagen!

I hope you enjoyed this post and got to have a wonderful experience at some of these pizza joints. 

If you liked this article, make sure to check out the best tours in Copenhagen. There are some awesome food tours on the list too.

As always feel free to leave a comment below!


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